Dr. Roy is a Florida native, U.S. Army veteran and a 25-year career retired Police Officer.   

Blessed with height, skill, tenacity, and insight, Dr. Roy was a standout high school basketball player who declined to pursue a career in the league because of his love for the Lord, evangelism, and music. His life changed and transformed at an early age when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and water as a teen. Many witnessed the phenomenal transformation of his life, as he was anointed and set aside for the work of the Lord. It was an amazing occurrence when he was anointed to play the piano and organ after one night of tinkering on a keyboard his mother purchased in hopes that one of her children would learn.  From that night forward, Dr. Roy has presented his ministry gift of music and the word to the church of the Lord. God's hand was placed on Dr. Roy and he went about preaching and playing the organ for various singers and ministries.  


Dr. Roy was nurtured in the ways of the Lord by many seasoned believers and he was raised up to trust God. He accepted the call to preach the gospel in 1976 while in high school and was dedicated and deeply passionate to learn about Jesus. Dr. Roy was a young man who honored the elders of the church and his family. He often sat at the feet of his grandfather, Reverend George W. Herring, as he pastored a small congregation in north Florida. He was mentored and trained in ministry by Evangelist E. Baker-Lawrence, Elder Myers, and Elder Fred Mungin.  Dr. Roy was licensed and ordained by Elder Fred Mungin in 1977, House of Prayer for All people, Kingsland, GA.

Dr. Roy is a student of the Bible, a praying man, and transparent as he shares insights and steps to navigate to wholeness, health, and fulfillment with faith in Christ Jesus. Mending Broken Spirits is dedicated to uplift, equipping, discipling, and spread the eternal word of God. 

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